Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Duke Of Edinburgh Walk

DofE Walk: Wales
Hello, sorry I didn't post last Saturday ! I was on my duke of Edinburgh practise expedition walk. We left Friday afternoon and got back Sunday evening (9pm). I had no wifi or even phone signal (I had one bar when I was ontop of a really high hill). 

We went to the black mountains in the south of Wales. We were given maps and had to walk roughly  17 km each day. We walked through fields and either up really high hills or down them. We crossed so many fields with sheep in aswel. (And one field with bulls I don't think I've been so quiet and moved so carefully in my life). 

It was hard work , especially since we had to carry a MASSIVE rucksack containing everything we needed for the weekend (tent, LOTS of food, clothes, cooker water etc.) we also got lost quite a few times ..... But at the end even though we were cold had sore shoulders and feet we felt proud. Because we'd achieved something (even if it was only the practise expedition). And it was a lot of fun we all looked on the bright side of things and managed to have a laugh even if we're were lost in a field with nothing but other fields surrounding us carrying bags that felt like houses on our backs! 

Sorry it's a bit more of a differnt post that normal I just wanted to share it with you all :)  back to normal this Saturday !

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