Wednesday, 29 October 2014



Hello, above is another costume creation ,this time its a glitzy bat themed outfit. A pair of black leather shorts from H and M (personally you can only get away with these shorts in winter.....with tights/leggings maybe). A sparkling crop top. The great thing about this top is in the reflection of the light it'll really sparkle (also sparkly clothing and accessories are great at Christmas time which is only 56 days away!). Next I've put a pair of black high top canvas shoes. i think they level out the outfit as there is a bold and sparkly top with more casual shoes , not making the outfit look too over the top. Then I've put a sparkly silver nail varnish of cource, a black clutch bag and finally the bat mask. The use of colours in this outfit make it feel like a bat costume. 


hello,as Halloween is in less than 2 days I've put together some cute, girly costumes for Halloween. Above is a devil. There is a black skater lace dress from New look. The great thing about this dress is that you could easily where it as evening wear on another night of the year, its not just for Halloween (and the same goes for the shoes).Personally I'd wear tights with the dress since its the end of October and very cold. The shoes are just a pair of heels from next which are also black lace to co-ordinate with the dress.You could take away the red devil accessories and add some cream pearls to give the outfit a classy look. To create the devil vibe I've added a pair of clip in devil ears from Claire's accessories, They are really good as no matter what hairstyle you go for you can easily clip them into your hair. Also red lipstick and nail varnish to wrap the outfit together.

John Zack fit flare dress
£37.99 -

Lace platform shoes
£35 -

Topshop lips makeup
£8 -

Topshop red velvet lipstick
£8 -

OPI nail polish
£13 -

Tuesday, 28 October 2014



Hello, Since its Halloween I thought id show you how I've done my Zoella inspired spooky eye makeup. Its not as hard as it looks , this makeup can be done in 10 simple steps.
1. Start by covering your face in a foundation lighter than your normal colour.
2. Apply a brown eye shadow all over the lid of your eye. ( I used snakebite from my naked 2 pallet). 
3. Then add a darker brown in the crease of your eye lid ( I also used another eye shadow from the naked 2 pallet this time it was busted). Merge the two colours together to create a smoky eye effect.
4. Using white eye shadow apply it just underneath the eye brow to create more of a contrast between the colours, this makes it look that bit better for Halloween. I used the white from my Colour Unlimited essentials eye shadow pack.
5. Next, using black liquid eye liner, apply it on the lid of your eye making a winked effect. (the eye liner I used was my collection liquid eye liner- its really cheap and works well).
6.Then apply eye liner underneath your eye. Make it thick ( It's Halloween so looks great to exaggerate).
7.In black pencil draw out the outline of your dripped effect. ( If you want to make it easier you could draw four different sized triangles like I did).
8. Using your liquid eye liner again fill it in, then add black eye shadow on top. This makes it last longer and look bolder.
9. If you wanted you cold then smudge the dripped effect downwards to make it look even cooler.
10. Finally apply plenty of mascara as the makeup is very bold and dark therefor it can hide your eye lashes.


Friday, 24 October 2014


You will need......
-clear honey
-lemon juice

Hello today I'm going to be telling you about how to make a homemade facemask with only 3 simple everyday ingredients. This facial mask is especial good for oily or spot prone skin.
firstly, add 1 tsp of cinnamon to the bowl. Then add 4 heaped tsp of the clear honey and mix well. Then simply add 3-6 drops of the lemon juice. Stir it all together then add to your face and leave for 10-15 minutes.
The cinnamon you add to  the mixture helps as its used as an exfoliator, and the lemon juice helps to clean your skin. Although the finished product isn't as pretty as the ones you buy in the stores it does work a lot better than most of the store brought ones , also its really good for your skin as there's no artificial smells, colourings or ingredients in it.
You can make all types of face mask for all types of skin (eg. dry skin, to smooth skin, to cleanse skin).
Tip: if you have an empty pot or jar (maybe even a honey jar) you could make enough of the facemask mixture to fill the pot/jar then store it then you can easily use a bit each time rather than hand making a facemask every single time.

Sunday, 19 October 2014


You will need:
-1 red/dark pink nail varnish 
-1Green nail varnish 
-1 black nail art pen 
-1 clear nail varnish
Start by fileing your nail. 
Then carefully paint your nail with the red.
(It's best to do several thinner coats of nail varnish than one thick coat that takes ages to dry abd usually gets air bubbles)
After that's deyes paint the top of your nail with the green (like a french manicure just the wrong colours)
Next, using the nail art pen, do several dashes on the red section of your nail.
Add a clear coat and you're finished !! 🍉

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


hi, recently (as you may have noticed) there has been lots of clothes in stores with a lipstick print or just one big single pair of lips. I think it looks really cool and a mix of retro and groovy... R-oovy.

Firstly The Large unfitted t-shirt is from topshop. It costs £35. It's white with red lips on, they're also covered in sequins. I think the one pair of lips alone really stands out with the white background. You could dress this T-shirt with a pair of black leggings and converse and wear it casual.

The skirt comes from River island (£25). Black with a light pink criss-cross background and red lips. Its a straight skirt and would look well styled with a black top and tights, as you don't want to over-do  the look since the skirt is very busy.

Next is the pink dress from boohoo (only £20) with a yellow lip print. IT also has a white collar and reminds me a lot of popart. Personally I think this dress would look better in summer as the colours are very bright and loud.

This brings me onto the umbrella from new look (£6.99). Its got a black background with a red lip print- which makes a change from the usual boring black umbrellas. it'd also come in use when it rains (much like yesterday as it rained and never stopped. I woke up to it raining and went to bed with it still raining outside).

Finally is the bag which I think is so cool. It is  from H and M £9 at the moment reduced from £14.99. The bag/clutch  is light pink with two zips at the front (made to look like teeth) and a zip in the middle. You  wouldn't be able to fit much in this bag ... but I still love it :)

Saturday, 11 October 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: Primark nails



As you an see in the pictures above primark do all different kinds of faulse nails (french , flowers , food and more). It's great as they're only £1. My favourites are the metallic gold ones. 
Since they're only £1 they only last for an evening event as they usually fall off. The only trouble I find with them is that the glue doesn't always come off so it can ruin your real nails temporarily. I age naturally quite long nails but some people I know buy a plain pack then paint the nails so they have long painted nails. 
Overall they're really good for a one night use to a party for example but not for everyday :) 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


An outfit for a girls night coting less than £50.

The Dress is a hot pink skater dress. It costs only £13.99 from select. It also comes in royal blue.
The clutch bag is black and suede. Its reduced from £18 to £9.50% off :) its got metal rings on the outside.
The shoes are also black suede which go nicely with the bag. They are £12 from Primark :)

Finally the jewellery is from H and M. The triangle earrings were £1.99 and the necklaces is short and silver costing £5.99


links below !

Wednesday, 1 October 2014



Hello , September 2014 has been and gone. autumn is now hear and i'm drowning in school work, Here is my favorites of this month. Firstly i completely love the topshop lipsticks. This lip stick is called Inhibition its a dark purple (i also have a second one called the damned which is slightly lighter and more pink) and they look so nice in autumn. it cost only £8.

Also this month i'm really liking the Barry M matte nail varnishes. The two in the picture are a black and a teal / turquoise color. They're around £3.99 from most drugstores. i brought these on a buy one get one half price deal.

Next, is my soap and glory mascara and Rimmel concealer. i really like this mascara because it makes me eye lashes reeeaaallllyyy long ! also if you sore last Tuesdays blog post i wrote about it here.    the concealer is really good and goes on and blends easily.

Finally is the soap and glory ' the righteous butter' moisturiser. I received it as a gift from a friend and the smell is so nice. After having a bath its really nice to put on :)