Sunday, 28 December 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: tangle teezer

Hi, this is my tangle teezer. They were launched after the idea came about in dragons den. you can buy them in multiple colours. The great thing about this brush is that because te brush is made up of all different sizes , you can pratically remove any type of knot. I've had brushes in the past which haven't got rid of some knot. Also is doesn't hurt. The base is curved making it easier to brush your hair since your heads also curved. The prices range from £6-£12. It depends on where you buy it from and if it's a limited edition brush. I would rate it's a 8/10.
Hope you had a good Christmas :) 


Sunday, 21 December 2014

Flutter: eye shadow palette

This is a cute mini handbag size eyeshadow palette. It's a great gift for a friend or sister for Christmas this year. It only costs £3.50 from super drug and comes with 5 differnt shades of eyeshadow ( light pink, sparkling silver, purple , navy and glitter pink) and mini mottos. If you still need a last minute PRESSENT that someone will love this is the item to go for.  

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Festive party bags

Festive party bags

Hi, above are a selection of chrimas party style bags from high street stores.
First is a red glitter box clutch. It is £24.99 from Newlook. The red clutch gives it the festive feel. As its a box clutch it keeps its shape and you can fit a phone and other belongings in, perfect for a party. you can also buy it in other colours like navy.

Next is the sequin drawstring backpack. It costs only £15. I have to be honest to begin with i wasn't that keen on it. Although now looking at i think its really quirky and different but i really like it because its different. Its a casual styled bag made suitable for parties etc.

Then you have the silver embellished box clutch. It has a diamond pattern and is from New look. Its very glitzy and sparkles when light shines on it. This costs £24.99

After is a purse from accessorise (£8). Its covered in sliver and gold stars with a black background creating a night sky theme. Its zip fastening with a tassel trim.,acc_1.3/6901251200

Following on is a Silver disc embellished hard case clutch bag. The back of the clutch is plain and the front is completely covered (its also machine washable). This clutch is from miss selfridge costing £35.,acc_1.3/6901251200

Penultimatly is the diagonal bar clutch, which is covered with a sliver glitter/ sequin exterior and a metallic chain.  This only costs £15 and is purchasable from accessorize.,acc_1.1/7899601200

Finally is the uniq mi pac from River island. This is quite possibly my favourite bag out of them all, if you haven't guessed already river island is my favorite shop ! This bag has a gold toned metallic design and is keeping the festive theme going. You can easily use this bag for casual or the opposite its very versatile
not long until xmas now !

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Beauty tip: eye lashes

Beauty tip:  eye lash tips
Hey today I've found three handy we lash tips !

Using your hair dryer, heat your eye lash curlers. Once they're warm (not too hot) cautious of the heat , use them like you would normally. This helps keep your eye lashes curled for longer.

Next if you have clumps in your mascara, simply place your mascara (closed) in a mug of hot water. The heat from the water helps allow the clumps to go and it's like new again

Finally when applying mascara, If you use a small spoon underneith your lashes it allows you to add as much mascara as you want without it becoming a mess and getting on your face.

Primark: XMAS pyjamas

On Saturday I went to 
Primark  and was overwhelmed by the selection of Christmas stuff they had on offer. I purchased these two christmas  aztec patterned pj bottoms. They costed £6 each. The navy blue are slightly wooly and have a white pattern. Where as the grey have more of a snowflake effect on them (because it's grey and white and the Aztec pattern includes more s ow flakes) they are soft Cotton. I really like them both. Primark  also sell some Christmas night shirts and more! 

For some strange reason this didn't post on Tuesday so u can have double tonight !! 

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Glitzy skirts

Glitzy skirts

Hi, here are four glitzy embellished skirts perfect for this seasn enjoy !

River Island mini skirt
£60 -

Miss Selfridge mini skirt
£49.99 -

Dolly Delicious mini skirt
£39.99 -

Boohoo short skirt

Tuesday, 2 December 2014



Hi (its December !!!!!) , last weekend i went and did some Christmas shopping whilst i popped into Primark i noticed a very large false nail collection. This pack (and another ... which I've already used they were gold glitter) stuck out to me most and they were Christmas themed. I like the aztec feel with this set. The deep red colour creates a warm yet Christmas feeling. These nails are really good for a night or two but after a couple of days they will start to fall off. However since they are only £1 its worth it. This set comes with 24 individual nails of all different sizes and four different patterns (Snowflake, aztec, polka dot and reindeer). Overall these nails are really good if you are going to a Christmas party and have no time to paint your nails or you simply can't paint you nails very well. I have also noticed a very similar packet in River Island , they are £8, but include UV gel technology and a buffer... they probably last longer on your fingers as well.

Brace yourself for many more christmas posts to come !!