Tuesday, 2 December 2014



Hi (its December !!!!!) , last weekend i went and did some Christmas shopping whilst i popped into Primark i noticed a very large false nail collection. This pack (and another ... which I've already used they were gold glitter) stuck out to me most and they were Christmas themed. I like the aztec feel with this set. The deep red colour creates a warm yet Christmas feeling. These nails are really good for a night or two but after a couple of days they will start to fall off. However since they are only £1 its worth it. This set comes with 24 individual nails of all different sizes and four different patterns (Snowflake, aztec, polka dot and reindeer). Overall these nails are really good if you are going to a Christmas party and have no time to paint your nails or you simply can't paint you nails very well. I have also noticed a very similar packet in River Island , they are £8, but include UV gel technology and a buffer... they probably last longer on your fingers as well.

Brace yourself for many more christmas posts to come !!

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