Saturday, 27 September 2014


River island haul
Hello, recently I went shopping and I may have got a bit carried away in my favourite shop ever ...river island. 

Firstly I got a grey knit cacoon cardigan. It was £35 and I love it :) it's so comfy and warm. 
I then got a black top which looks so much better on than off. I really like how it hangs and fits on me , also at the back there is a cut out triangle type of shape. This was about £18. Last weekend k wore it with a pair of checked leggings and a leather jacket.
Because it's autumn now I got s scarf ! It's red tartan, and really soft and warm.
The I got a new purse which is black, cheetah print and gold. The inside of the purse is really nice (you'll have to check it out the shop to see what I meen ;) )
I also got 3 bits of jewlellery. A chicken neacklass (£5) and gold neacklass (£12 - it's goes really well with the black top) and a gold bracelet (£8). 

Hope u liked this post my first haul ;) 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Whats in my makeup bag?: 

- Maybelline dream bb cream
- Rimmel London wake me up concealer
- Rimmel London Apocalips
- Maybelline blusher
- The collection black liquid eye liner
- Natural collection lip liner
- Rimmel London eye liner
- Urban Decay Naked 2 palette

Maybelline dream bb cream:

Its only £7 from most drug stores and i find it really good. I like it for every day use as its light and wearing foundation everyday isnt very good for your skin. when i started using this i found an improvment in how clear my skin was :)

Rimmel London Wake me uo concealer

I purchased this only a few weeks ago but its been great. As ive been back at school - and school tires me out and i have to get up way too early - this concealor really helps me on mornings i look like death.

Rimmel London Apocalips:

I have this lipgloss in the stella shade. its so bright and florescent !! I loved it over summer as its a lip stain and stays on my lips for ages ( atleast 10 hours). If you want a bright lipgloss that will last a night out this is the one you want - they do other shades (which are less bright).

Maybelline Blusher:

I use this almost everyday, and so far i haven't found another blusher which i prefer. it comes with a brush which i like aswel because of the shape and size of it. Mine is in the flash plumb shade.

The collection black liquid eye liner:

I like this liquid eye liner a lot. To be honest i've never really tried another one other than this and i probably should, but i like this one because its cheap easy to apply and lasts a while.

Natural collection lip liner:
Once again this is another cheap product i own. It fulfulfills its purpose and i quite like it but i'm not overly in love with it but i can make do with it.

Rimmel London pencil eye liner:

If i could only  live with one makeup product it'd defiantly be eye liner without hesitation. I like this eye liner as it stays on all day without smudging (but it is waterproof making it also very hard to take off at night). The only down side is it goes blunt quite quick so i have so sharpen it and because its a soft pencil it can break while sharpening.

Urban Decay Naked 2 pallette:

I got this as a gift for my birthday , since i got it there hasn't been a day where i haven't used it. I love the colors ( they all really suite my skin tone) and there is so many to choose from. its quite pricey but defiantly worth it ! ( although i cant actually fit it in my makeup bag)

Marc Jacbobs Daisy:

The perfume which i wear is by Marc Jacobs called Daisy. I love the smell its like freshly cut grass and daisies ( yes i stated the obvious). i also love the bottle of the perfume. Personally i think a good smelling perfume has to go with a good looking bottle.

finally the makeup bag if anyone was wondering is from next. £8

Sunday, 21 September 2014


How to wear: 1 Pair of Jeans 3 Outfits
Hello, This post is showing you 3 different types of outfits you can create with only 1 pair of jeans and for it to not look similar.

The first outfit is a white top from river island. Its pretty and girly. you can add bit of color (ie. pink bag) to finish off the look.

The second picture is a great party outfit. The Silver , silk cheetah print top is from next. the black in the top compliments the jeans it looks fab for a party.

The third and final outfit is great for a night out. the Aztec crop is from Forever 21 ( i purchased it whilst in the states so it may not be in the British forever 21).

sorry i didn't post yesterday my Wifi was down :(

Ps . the black mark on my rist in these pictures is a hairband.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Duke Of Edinburgh Walk

DofE Walk: Wales
Hello, sorry I didn't post last Saturday ! I was on my duke of Edinburgh practise expedition walk. We left Friday afternoon and got back Sunday evening (9pm). I had no wifi or even phone signal (I had one bar when I was ontop of a really high hill). 

We went to the black mountains in the south of Wales. We were given maps and had to walk roughly  17 km each day. We walked through fields and either up really high hills or down them. We crossed so many fields with sheep in aswel. (And one field with bulls I don't think I've been so quiet and moved so carefully in my life). 

It was hard work , especially since we had to carry a MASSIVE rucksack containing everything we needed for the weekend (tent, LOTS of food, clothes, cooker water etc.) we also got lost quite a few times ..... But at the end even though we were cold had sore shoulders and feet we felt proud. Because we'd achieved something (even if it was only the practise expedition). And it was a lot of fun we all looked on the bright side of things and managed to have a laugh even if we're were lost in a field with nothing but other fields surrounding us carrying bags that felt like houses on our backs! 

Sorry it's a bit more of a differnt post that normal I just wanted to share it with you all :)  back to normal this Saturday !

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: Elvive damage care spray

Hello, i love love love this product. It's not too expensive ,£4 at the most (dispending on the shop). It's great for hair that's been damaged by heat or split ends. You can spray it in your hair on the day you're going to wash it and then it makes your hair silkier and smoother. A lot of damage repair products don't always do what it says on the bottle which is so annoying ! But I have found this does. 
I also used it last month when on holiday in Spain and it made my hair feel so nice after being around the pool or at the beach all day :)

Saturday, 6 September 2014

NEW TREND: blanket wrap

The blanket wrap: 

So blanket wraps are in fashion this autumn. Personally i wasnt overlly keen on them at first but ive grown towards them. They are easy and comforatble. If you're like me always COLD  they're good because they keep you warm. some designs you can get are really nice but others aren't so much. you've just got to look around. this particular one is from New Look they currently have lots of different patterns and colors. 

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

OOTD- Outfit Of The Day

Hi, so today i wanted to share with you all my outfit of the day. I'm wearing a Red checked shirt     un-buttoned with a vest underneath , black jeans ,ankle boots and a simple small black bag.
The Shirt is a recent purchase  from New look costing only £12.99.
The jeans which i am wearing are just a black low waist pair from TopShop (my favorite place for jeans). The boots i brought from river island (you can wear them with lots of different outfits and they'll still look great). The bag was from Primark costing only £3.
Links are below.

PS this is my first blog post in time i'll look back at this and probably totally cringe !

Ankle boots Shirt Jeans