Saturday, 29 November 2014


CHRISTMAS: PARTY OUTFIT IDEAS (mainly mix and match from newlook !)

Hello, as its less than four weeks till Christmas and you always have a Christmas or new years eve party to attend so i have put together 7 different glitzy party outfits.

First is a simple straight black play-suit. Its clinched at the waist with silver embellished top detail. You could dress this with a black leather jacket and a chunky gold neck lass. It is from NewLook costing £26 reduced from £34.99

The second outfit is also from NewLook (they've released a very large good party collection recently). There is a gold Persian crop top (£19.99) with a black split side, chiffon skirt (£19.99). What looks nice about this outfit is firstly the gold sequins on the crop top which give it the Christmas look and the skirt. As the skirt is a spilt side wrap skirt creates a floating look as you walk.

Then there is also a navy blue bodycon dress. As the dress is blue it makes a difference from the usual red/black/silver/gold Christmas dresses. This dress is also from Newlook.... Honestly i didn't realise  most of these clothes were from newlook when i was putting the outfits together !!

After there is a black shell top with a beaded neck, this is from topshop (yes i did actually look in other shops other than newlook). Its is cropped and costs £38. I have put this crop with an A-line black glitter, textured skirt. It is from Miss selfridge and has a zip at the back.

Next is a silver sparkly top with a round neck and casual fit (from ...newlook) this weekend only it costs £14.50 when it is usually £19.9. I have dressed this with a pair of black belted high waisted shorts. They are from miss selfridge  (£30). As the shorts are plain simple and black they go well with the glitzy sparkly top.

After the sparkly glam outfit there is a mini black bodycon lace dress. It  has 3/4 length sleeves. This dress is very elegant looking. You can really pull this off Audrey Hepburn style, add a pair of laced boot wedges and a imitation pearl necklace. Of course this dress is from...newlook.

Last  but not least is the jumpsuit. If you don't want to go bare legged or wear a dress this is perfect. It has a keyhole neckline at the front and back, how it's covered in silver sequins gives it the party look.

Sunday, 23 November 2014



Yes it is only still November, but Christmas comes around so quickly and we do only have less than a week of November now. Also Xmas stock in the shops sells out so quickly.Here i have 12 different Christmas jumpers for the 12th month of the year. They all range from different shops and prices.

Firstly is the 'Dear Santa i want it all' jumper. This costs only £7 from Primark. Its really good because if you would like a Xmas jumper but don't want to spend an excessive amount as its only for a month Primark is the place.

Next is the tartan jumper. I choose this one because if you are like me and not overly in love with Christmas jumpers this one is for you, as it has a Christmas colour scheme but not too obvious that its a Christmas jumper. You could probably get away with this in January. Its costs £40 from Topshop. Personally i don't mind as much spending £40 on a jumper if i can get away with wearing it for the rest of winter. As you will see this is not the last of the Topshop Christmas jumpers in this post, they have a good collection this year.

Underneath that is the miss selfridge jumper, at a price of £45. Its really soft, black and woolly, It as a silver jewled collar and matching jewels at the bottom. Like the jumper before you could get away with this jumper in January or February. The jewels give it s Christmas party vibe, but in the rest of the year the jewels make it look formal and pretty.

After is a jumper with a mini Xmas pun on 'Deer Santa' from Newlook £23. It is quite thick and would keep you warm, just don't spill any Christmas dinner down you as it is white !

Then there is the jumper featuring the bell. I really like the statement of the bell on this jumper as the bell is really big and its covered in gold glitter .... i love glitter especially at Christmas. This beauty is from Topshop costing £42.

Following from that is the leaping deer.The use of colours in this jumper work really well as its not too bold and bright but still has the Christmas feel to the jumper. It is from River Island costing £35.

Next is the final topshop jumper in this post and also the cheapest out of the three at £32. Its a Burgundy baggy jumper. On the bottom of the sleeves there is a aztec pattern, with a matching design made out of the pattern on the front. I like This jumper as it isn't too girly, it almost looks as though you could've stolen your boyfriends/brothers jumper.

Below that is the aztec styled jumper from Next (£30). Although technically it isn't an Aztec pattern the use of the Christmas images (Tree, stocking, snowflakes and snow man) makes it look like an aztec jumper.

After that is an actual aztec jumper from H and M (£25). The use of the pink and red colours make it look really warm and cosy.  Then there is another jumper from H and M covered in stars. Its navy with white stars and it looks really cute.

Penultimately a red jumper with a green fluffy Christmas tree which has eyes.This jumper would look great for carol singing. It is only £7 from Primark.

Finally a jumper from River Island costing £35. It is a black knitted jumper with white text on the front. the text reads 'This is not a Xmas jumper'. This is one of my  favourite jumpers out of all 12. I think it is because its quirky and slightly different from the majority of Christmas jumpers. Although it doesn't have anything Christmas related on the jumper the fact it says' This is not an Xmas jumper' is ironic because by the jumper saying that makes it a Xmas jumper.

Hope you like some of these selected jumpers :) Which is your favourite comment below


Saturday, 22 November 2014

New Products at Barry M

New Products at Barry M
In  the picture above is only a small selection of the new Barry M products which have been released. They are all very glitzy and sparkly, which is great for Christmas time !
They've released a whole new nail varnish brand called Glitterati (there is a light pink, dark pink, purple, blue, turquoise, and silver).
Next there is added colors to the following nail collections: Gelly paint, Aquarium, Silk effect nail paint, classic glitter nail paint and the classic original collection.
Not only is there 20+ new nail varnishes but also a starry eyes eye shadow pallet and a new show girl big impact lashes mascara. All these products will really look good if your planning on going to any Christmas parties. Or as gifts for friends.

Keep an eye out for my Christmas nail art ideas coming soon !


Sunday, 16 November 2014

BEAUTY TIPS: How to grow hair quickly

BEAUTY TIPS: How to grow  hair quickly and keep it healthy
Hi, many people are always wanting to know how to grow their hair quicker, as the patience of getting their hair to the length you want it just takes too much.

Firstly, it may seem odd, trimming your hair every 8 weeks actually helps as this cuts off your dead ends Yes, hair does grow from your roots and trimming your split ends isn't a way to make your hair grow,  But if you don't take care of split ends, it could result in breakage and unhealthy hair, and you certainly don't want that when you're trying to grow your hair, do you? If you get rid of dead ends you will pay for it in the long run.

Next drink lots of water. Water helps the body to process and flush out toxins faster, which makes it a quick and easy natural method that will make your hair grow a lot faster. If you drink about 8 cups of water a day, not only will your body feel better, but your hair will get stronger. The stronger your hair the faster it grows

Although this may be tough but try and cut down on the use of heat on hair. Try not to blow dry or straighten your hair where possible. Blow drying your hair less cuts down the number of split ends. I've cut down on straightening my hair and i have much healthier hair now. Also once your hair repairs and gets back to its healthy state you tend to love its natural state more and i know i now end up using a lot less heat on my hair.

If you eat a lot of protein-rich foods, you will see a huge difference in the quality of your hair, as well as the speed with which it grows. Things like fish, eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, and even different meats all make a difference
When on holiday use Palm oil. Palm oil is an excellent source of Tocotrienols, which help with hair growth tremendously! So about once or twice a week, apply palm oil to the length of your hair (but not your scalp) and let it set for about 10 minutes before washing your hair and shampooing as usual. Palm oil is also great for protecting your hair from the sun, salt, and chlorine water that make hair dull, dry and brittle which obviously does not help the healthiness and growth of your hair.
on average if your hair isn't too damged it grows  1/2 an inch a month, but  evry little helps ( especially now winter is arriving and were getting less sun and darker days).

Even though silicon-based hair care products make an effect of healthier, smoother hair, they are actually bad for your hair in the long run. Why? Because they tend to coat the hair shaft and seal out moisture, clogging hair follicles, making your hair weaker, and eventually preventing your hair from faster growth. Try and use natural / homemade hair products they are much more soothing and beneficial for your hair.

Don't overwash your hair ! Many people think that washing your hair every single day is a necessity, but think about how much harm all that shampoo and conditioner is doing to your hair. Ideally, you should wash your hair twice or thrice a week.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

OOTD: Orange knit jumper


Hi happy saturday :)

This is my Outfit of the day. I am wearing a pair of skinny black jeans with a bright orange jumper. It is very thick and warm. I wore a leather jacket over the top and i definatly didn't get cold. The jumper is a honeycomb knit crew jumper from Newlook. It costed £19.99 which isnt too bad considering how soft and how warm it is. Unfortunately this shade of Orange doesn't suit very many skin tones and ca make many people look washed out, but it does come in lots of different colors (Black, grey, white, dark green, purple, Burgundy, Pink and mustard yellow).

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Boohoo dress

Boohoo Clarey Sequin Stripe Shift Dress


 This glitzy dress is from Boohoo costing only £20. Its a black shift dress (great for lots of body of body types). It has 3 large gold sequined areas/stripes- which makes it look really festive and christmasy (if that's a word...). You could either dress it down with a pair of black high top canvas shoes or dress it up bu wearing flats or wedges. As the colors in this dress are only black and gold you could wear another colour ( like red lipstick to keep with the festivity).  I think its a really good value for money and you can look really great at one of your Christmas parties coming up. :) 


Saturday, 8 November 2014

Urban decay : naked palettes comparison

Urban decay : naked pallets comparison
Hello , how are you all  ?
Above is a picture of all three of urban decays natural eye shadow palettes. (called Naked 1,2 and 3). These three bad boys are very popular globally and many people can agree that once owning one there is no turning back. Each palette is completely different, also there's mini version  (Naked basics) which hold 6 (matte) colors rather than 12.

1. Its the original of the three, comes in a brown velvet case and a mirror on the inside. However the mirror is very small. It's a warm-toned neutral palette and contains 12 different colours  (2 matte and 10 shimmer). The shades are: Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half-baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep and Gunmetal. The good thing about this palette is there is a range of different colours to select from. It costs £37 in department stores such as Debenhams and John Lewis.

2. The second palette comes in a brown-grey metal tin case. This is a cool-toned neutral palette containing 3 matte and 9 shimmer shades named; Foxy, Half-Baked, Bootycall, Chopper, Tease, Snakebite, Suspect, Pistol, Verve, YDK, Busted, Blackout. This palette is also £37. In no.2 there is a larger mirror and a double sided makeup  brush unlike the first palette. It also shares one shade (half-baked) with the first palette.

3. The most recent is a rose-gold toned neutral palette, that comes in a rose gold tin case a large mirror, a double sided brush, 3 matte and 9 shimmer shades much like the second palette. The shades are called: Strange, dust, Burnout, Limit, Buss, Trick, Nooner, Liar, Factory, mugshot, Darkside and Blackheart. Even though its the newest it costs the exact same as the previous two at a price of £37

Genrally i'd say fair-skinned people would suit the naked 3 palette, If your skin has cool undertones the naked 2 palette would suit you and if you have warm under toned skin the first palette is your match. Personally for me the second palette is my favorite since it suits me best and my most favorite shades from that are half-baked, Chopper and tease. Overall the urban decay naked 1,2 and 3 palettes are all very good- so long as you buy the best matching pack.
Urban decay : naked pallets comparison

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Autmn Outfit

Autmn Outfit

Hello, It is firwroks season so i thought id create a great outdoors outfit suitable for the cold autumn weather.
Firstly there is a grey heart bobbled baggy sweatshirt. This is great because it can keep you very warm and the clour it is means it goes with almost any other clothing item.
Next is a pair of loose 'mom jeans' from Newlook (Baggy jeans are slowly coming back into fashion give it a few years and they will be back :-O ). They fit well with autumn as the colour of them isnt too dark and dull as they still work well in this season.
Then there is the socks to wear which are green with cute animals on, to wear with the socks is the brown ankle boots with a heel, always good for when its raining and cold.
The coat if from riverisland and although it costs £90 its really warm , thick and looks nice, The only downfall would it being how its not waterproof.
The hat its a wooly beanie personally i dont like hats because i get annoyed with them but for some people they really suit them. Next is the scarf which is great for this season because of the orange colour. Then the gloves are from super dr although they cost £20 they are so soft and warm. They are brilliant for skiing. once you put them  on u cant take them off !
Finally the flask from new look as you always need a flask filled with your favorite hot drink in this weather !
Anyone going to fireworks have fun ! -x-x-x-

Gray sweater
£30 - Next

River Island duffle coat
£90 -

Denim jeans
£22.99 -

Topshop green socks

Chelsea boots
£24.99 -

Superdry fleece lined mitten

Topshop scarve
£28  -