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Yes it is only still November, but Christmas comes around so quickly and we do only have less than a week of November now. Also Xmas stock in the shops sells out so quickly.Here i have 12 different Christmas jumpers for the 12th month of the year. They all range from different shops and prices.

Firstly is the 'Dear Santa i want it all' jumper. This costs only £7 from Primark. Its really good because if you would like a Xmas jumper but don't want to spend an excessive amount as its only for a month Primark is the place.

Next is the tartan jumper. I choose this one because if you are like me and not overly in love with Christmas jumpers this one is for you, as it has a Christmas colour scheme but not too obvious that its a Christmas jumper. You could probably get away with this in January. Its costs £40 from Topshop. Personally i don't mind as much spending £40 on a jumper if i can get away with wearing it for the rest of winter. As you will see this is not the last of the Topshop Christmas jumpers in this post, they have a good collection this year.

Underneath that is the miss selfridge jumper, at a price of £45. Its really soft, black and woolly, It as a silver jewled collar and matching jewels at the bottom. Like the jumper before you could get away with this jumper in January or February. The jewels give it s Christmas party vibe, but in the rest of the year the jewels make it look formal and pretty.

After is a jumper with a mini Xmas pun on 'Deer Santa' from Newlook £23. It is quite thick and would keep you warm, just don't spill any Christmas dinner down you as it is white !

Then there is the jumper featuring the bell. I really like the statement of the bell on this jumper as the bell is really big and its covered in gold glitter .... i love glitter especially at Christmas. This beauty is from Topshop costing £42.

Following from that is the leaping deer.The use of colours in this jumper work really well as its not too bold and bright but still has the Christmas feel to the jumper. It is from River Island costing £35.

Next is the final topshop jumper in this post and also the cheapest out of the three at £32. Its a Burgundy baggy jumper. On the bottom of the sleeves there is a aztec pattern, with a matching design made out of the pattern on the front. I like This jumper as it isn't too girly, it almost looks as though you could've stolen your boyfriends/brothers jumper.

Below that is the aztec styled jumper from Next (£30). Although technically it isn't an Aztec pattern the use of the Christmas images (Tree, stocking, snowflakes and snow man) makes it look like an aztec jumper.

After that is an actual aztec jumper from H and M (£25). The use of the pink and red colours make it look really warm and cosy.  Then there is another jumper from H and M covered in stars. Its navy with white stars and it looks really cute.

Penultimately a red jumper with a green fluffy Christmas tree which has eyes.This jumper would look great for carol singing. It is only £7 from Primark.

Finally a jumper from River Island costing £35. It is a black knitted jumper with white text on the front. the text reads 'This is not a Xmas jumper'. This is one of my  favourite jumpers out of all 12. I think it is because its quirky and slightly different from the majority of Christmas jumpers. Although it doesn't have anything Christmas related on the jumper the fact it says' This is not an Xmas jumper' is ironic because by the jumper saying that makes it a Xmas jumper.

Hope you like some of these selected jumpers :) Which is your favourite comment below


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