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BEAUTY TIPS: How to grow hair quickly

BEAUTY TIPS: How to grow  hair quickly and keep it healthy
Hi, many people are always wanting to know how to grow their hair quicker, as the patience of getting their hair to the length you want it just takes too much.

Firstly, it may seem odd, trimming your hair every 8 weeks actually helps as this cuts off your dead ends Yes, hair does grow from your roots and trimming your split ends isn't a way to make your hair grow,  But if you don't take care of split ends, it could result in breakage and unhealthy hair, and you certainly don't want that when you're trying to grow your hair, do you? If you get rid of dead ends you will pay for it in the long run.

Next drink lots of water. Water helps the body to process and flush out toxins faster, which makes it a quick and easy natural method that will make your hair grow a lot faster. If you drink about 8 cups of water a day, not only will your body feel better, but your hair will get stronger. The stronger your hair the faster it grows

Although this may be tough but try and cut down on the use of heat on hair. Try not to blow dry or straighten your hair where possible. Blow drying your hair less cuts down the number of split ends. I've cut down on straightening my hair and i have much healthier hair now. Also once your hair repairs and gets back to its healthy state you tend to love its natural state more and i know i now end up using a lot less heat on my hair.

If you eat a lot of protein-rich foods, you will see a huge difference in the quality of your hair, as well as the speed with which it grows. Things like fish, eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, and even different meats all make a difference
When on holiday use Palm oil. Palm oil is an excellent source of Tocotrienols, which help with hair growth tremendously! So about once or twice a week, apply palm oil to the length of your hair (but not your scalp) and let it set for about 10 minutes before washing your hair and shampooing as usual. Palm oil is also great for protecting your hair from the sun, salt, and chlorine water that make hair dull, dry and brittle which obviously does not help the healthiness and growth of your hair.
on average if your hair isn't too damged it grows  1/2 an inch a month, but  evry little helps ( especially now winter is arriving and were getting less sun and darker days).

Even though silicon-based hair care products make an effect of healthier, smoother hair, they are actually bad for your hair in the long run. Why? Because they tend to coat the hair shaft and seal out moisture, clogging hair follicles, making your hair weaker, and eventually preventing your hair from faster growth. Try and use natural / homemade hair products they are much more soothing and beneficial for your hair.

Don't overwash your hair ! Many people think that washing your hair every single day is a necessity, but think about how much harm all that shampoo and conditioner is doing to your hair. Ideally, you should wash your hair twice or thrice a week.

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