Saturday, 27 September 2014


River island haul
Hello, recently I went shopping and I may have got a bit carried away in my favourite shop ever ...river island. 

Firstly I got a grey knit cacoon cardigan. It was £35 and I love it :) it's so comfy and warm. 
I then got a black top which looks so much better on than off. I really like how it hangs and fits on me , also at the back there is a cut out triangle type of shape. This was about £18. Last weekend k wore it with a pair of checked leggings and a leather jacket.
Because it's autumn now I got s scarf ! It's red tartan, and really soft and warm.
The I got a new purse which is black, cheetah print and gold. The inside of the purse is really nice (you'll have to check it out the shop to see what I meen ;) )
I also got 3 bits of jewlellery. A chicken neacklass (£5) and gold neacklass (£12 - it's goes really well with the black top) and a gold bracelet (£8). 

Hope u liked this post my first haul ;) 

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