Wednesday, 1 October 2014



Hello , September 2014 has been and gone. autumn is now hear and i'm drowning in school work, Here is my favorites of this month. Firstly i completely love the topshop lipsticks. This lip stick is called Inhibition its a dark purple (i also have a second one called the damned which is slightly lighter and more pink) and they look so nice in autumn. it cost only £8.

Also this month i'm really liking the Barry M matte nail varnishes. The two in the picture are a black and a teal / turquoise color. They're around £3.99 from most drugstores. i brought these on a buy one get one half price deal.

Next, is my soap and glory mascara and Rimmel concealer. i really like this mascara because it makes me eye lashes reeeaaallllyyy long ! also if you sore last Tuesdays blog post i wrote about it here.    the concealer is really good and goes on and blends easily.

Finally is the soap and glory ' the righteous butter' moisturiser. I received it as a gift from a friend and the smell is so nice. After having a bath its really nice to put on :)


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