Tuesday, 14 October 2014


hi, recently (as you may have noticed) there has been lots of clothes in stores with a lipstick print or just one big single pair of lips. I think it looks really cool and a mix of retro and groovy... R-oovy.

Firstly The Large unfitted t-shirt is from topshop. It costs £35. It's white with red lips on, they're also covered in sequins. I think the one pair of lips alone really stands out with the white background. You could dress this T-shirt with a pair of black leggings and converse and wear it casual.

The skirt comes from River island (£25). Black with a light pink criss-cross background and red lips. Its a straight skirt and would look well styled with a black top and tights, as you don't want to over-do  the look since the skirt is very busy.

Next is the pink dress from boohoo (only £20) with a yellow lip print. IT also has a white collar and reminds me a lot of popart. Personally I think this dress would look better in summer as the colours are very bright and loud.

This brings me onto the umbrella from new look (£6.99). Its got a black background with a red lip print- which makes a change from the usual boring black umbrellas. it'd also come in use when it rains (much like yesterday as it rained and never stopped. I woke up to it raining and went to bed with it still raining outside).

Finally is the bag which I think is so cool. It is  from H and M £9 at the moment reduced from £14.99. The bag/clutch  is light pink with two zips at the front (made to look like teeth) and a zip in the middle. You  wouldn't be able to fit much in this bag ... but I still love it :)

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