Tuesday, 28 October 2014



Hello, Since its Halloween I thought id show you how I've done my Zoella inspired spooky eye makeup. Its not as hard as it looks , this makeup can be done in 10 simple steps.
1. Start by covering your face in a foundation lighter than your normal colour.
2. Apply a brown eye shadow all over the lid of your eye. ( I used snakebite from my naked 2 pallet). 
3. Then add a darker brown in the crease of your eye lid ( I also used another eye shadow from the naked 2 pallet this time it was busted). Merge the two colours together to create a smoky eye effect.
4. Using white eye shadow apply it just underneath the eye brow to create more of a contrast between the colours, this makes it look that bit better for Halloween. I used the white from my Colour Unlimited essentials eye shadow pack.
5. Next, using black liquid eye liner, apply it on the lid of your eye making a winked effect. (the eye liner I used was my collection liquid eye liner- its really cheap and works well).
6.Then apply eye liner underneath your eye. Make it thick ( It's Halloween so looks great to exaggerate).
7.In black pencil draw out the outline of your dripped effect. ( If you want to make it easier you could draw four different sized triangles like I did).
8. Using your liquid eye liner again fill it in, then add black eye shadow on top. This makes it last longer and look bolder.
9. If you wanted you cold then smudge the dripped effect downwards to make it look even cooler.
10. Finally apply plenty of mascara as the makeup is very bold and dark therefor it can hide your eye lashes.


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