Sunday, 4 January 2015


Hi above are all my lovely lush bath products i got as a gift! 
Firstly is the karma soap. it had an exotic scent blend of lavandin pine, sweet orange and lemongrass oils, Its a really refreshing soap that also lava's up well and has a long lasting smell. This soap costs £4.19 per 100g.

Next is the creamy candy bubble bar. You simply crumble it int your bath tub to create the perfect candy floss smelling bubbles. it contains almond oil and butter chunks that melt onto the surface of the water, giving skin a velvety texture. This candy bar  can really perk your energy levels and make you feel great. £2.78 each.

Then there is the £3.35 luxury lush bath pud. Which is a colourful bath bomb. As soon  as you place it into the water all the different colour explode from it.It fizzes then gradually dissolves. creating a luxurious relaxing bath for you.

After is the so white bath bomb ( this one and the next item they have in fact stopped selling as they were only out for Xmas however from these you could always find other items similar). It has a fruity scent and takes over 5 minutes to fully dissolve , although i have found that with some bath bombs they've lasts two baths as they are so large! 

finally is the shower jelly in a snowman shape. I am not exactly sure on the price but i do know that it smells great. This snowman has fruity scents including blackcurrant buchu oils and also carrot oils. You simply wobble it round and use it all over your body and hair. I am not sure if you've noticed but because of the same of this snowman it did in fact break when taking it out the pot... still works just as well though ! 

I want to give credit to my brother for these lovely lush products which he brought me for my birthday! before then he had no clue what lush fact i still think he has no idea what he was buying he just picked up what smelt okay  ( he did a good job though). His personal favorite was the snowman shower jelly because it was 'wired' i guess that's the most you are going to get out of a 17 year old boy!

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